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Author(s): Rajesh Sharma, Jayesh Dwivedi and G. Jeyabalan


In recent years several advancements has been made in research and development of oral drug delivery system. Gastro retentive drug delivery system is one such novel approach in which the delivery system retains in the stomach for a prolonged period and hence availability of the drug for its absorption is increased. Gastro retentive systems can remain in the gastric region for several hours and hence significantly prolong the gastric residence time of drugs. Prolonged gastric retention improves bioavailability, reduces drug waste, and improves solubility for drugs that are less soluble in a high pH environment. Purpose of this review is to compile the recent literature with special focus on various gastro retentive approaches that have recently become leading methodologies in the field of site-specific orally administered controlled release drug delivery. This article gives an overview on approaches, rational, advantages & disadvantages of gastro retentive drug delivery systems. This review also includes few recent trends and marketed formulations of gastro retentive drug delivery.

Key Words: Gastro retention, Floating Systems, Raft Forming System, Gastric retention time

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