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Author(s): Bibhash C Mohanta, Narahari N Palei and Jayaraman Rajangam


Lornoxicam is a non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) of the oxicam class having analgesic, anti–inflammatory and antipyretic properties. A rapid, specific and economic UV spectrophotometric method has been developed using a solvent composed of methanol in phosphate buffer PH 7.4. In the proposed study,  the lornoxicam content in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage formulations was determined. However at a pre determined λmax of 292 nm, it was proved to be linear in the range of 2.5-25 μg/mL. This method exhibited a good correlation coefficient (R² = 0.9997 )  and excellent mean recovery (99.36–99.88%). Hence this process was successfully applied to  determine the lornoxicam content in six marketed brands from andhra pradesh.  The results were in good agreement with the label claims and within the limits. The method was validated statistically as per the International conference of harmonization(ICH) guidelines. The recovery studies for linearity, precision, repeatability, and reproducibility were found to be in line with the acceptance criteria. The method was found to be rapid, specific, precise & accurate and can be successfully applied for routine analysis of lornoxicam.

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